Located on the fairways of the former Eastern Golf Course in Doncaster, Tullamore is developed over 47 hectares and includes a diversity of density and housing product. Carefully siting the residences amongst the established vegetation allows a level of privacy and seclusion, as well as achieving optimal solar orientation and access on the undulating site. 

The urban design vision provides more than 20% of the site to be designated open space, with large nature reserves retained, providing vistas and walking environments, as well as protecting the homes of local rosellas and other birdlife. 

The development provides a range of residential typologies, from attached terrace-style housing, through to larger detached dwellings representative of existing residential precedent within the surrounding area. Larger land sizes to the perimeter appropriately integrate with the adjoining existing residential allotments. Higher density apartments will be located along Doncaster Road to the south, creating activation and located near the historic Tullamore Homestead (more recently Clubhouse) and Stables. Retention and enhancement of the original Tullamore Homestead, as well as the conversion of the old Stables to become a café will create a social hub available to residents and the broader community.

Tullamore will achieve 6-leaf EnviroDevelopment accreditation, the highest available in Australia. This accomplishment showcases Mirvac’s pre-eminence when it comes to creating sustainable living environments amidst established neighbourhoods and landscapes. An integrated water management plan ensures the sustainable care of the landscape, and includes storm water capture and retention which, when combined with planting methods and other initiatives, ensures streetscapes and parklands are maintained at optimum standards.

Tullamore has played a significant role in Doncaster and surrounds for 160 years, consistently representing the highest aspirations in lifestyle. First built for Sir Thomas Naughton Fitzgerald, a pioneering medical professional in 19th century Australia, Tullamore will retain its significance and elegance in this new community. The original homestead’s stately presence and sweeping views of the neighbourhood and district presents a unique asset and opportunity for the entire community.

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