south eveleigh - casual dining precinct


Mirvac Design conceived the concept design for the casual dining precinct at Sydney’s South Eveleigh.

Harnessing the site’s spirit of innovation, productivity and collaboration while also celebrating its rich history, the concept for the casual dining precinct is layered, adaptable and people-centred.

South Eveleigh is a living lab where people come to create and share knowledge. Critical to its success is a connected and thriving community.

Forming a vital part of the well-resolved ground plane, the casual dining precinct encourages active use and social interaction among workers who visit daily, the local community, visitors and the retailers themselves.

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It continues the varied materiality and form of the streetscape, complementing the heritage fabric, industrial context and contemporary architecture.

Architecture allows seamless transition between workplaces and public spaces, retail and community uses, indoors and outdoors.

Highly considered lighting, passive surveillance and legibility creates an inviting, vibrant and safe environment both day and night.

Architecture also incorporates flexibility, allowing the spaces to be easily and readily adaptable so they may evolve for changing needs long-term.

The casual dining precinct has been designed as a platform for collaboration. Retailers have been encouraged to bring their individual vision and identity to their respective tenancies to build a dynamic destination and shared pride, while maintaining a standard of design excellence and a cohesive sense of place.

The result is a mix of bespoke, high-quality solutions that meld with the overall urban fabric of South Eveleigh, creating an engaging, characterful heart that will evolve with its community.