Mirvac Design is a diverse team of professionals working together to create amazing places for people through urban design, architecture and interior design. Design is our passion, and with over 100 talented people in our Sydney studio, we work across projects of various scales and locations to imagine and help deliver quality buildings and places. Our breadth of expertise and supportive culture provides excellent opportunities for career and personal development. 

We work alongside our peers in development and construction as well as sales and marketing as part of the Mirvac integrated model, and this close and collaborative relationship allows a complete understanding of all facets of what we are designing. Our designs are realised, and this hands on experience is invaluable to our graduates in their career progression.

Our studio reflects our commitment to share the creative journey and promote design leadership, and we celebrate our design culture and the expertise of the team. With advocacy for diversity and equality, our flexible workspace allows creativity to flourish and be displayed, reviewed and enhanced.

The creativity of our people is our core asset and what defines our culture and our team. We continually nurture it, giving individuals the opportunities to excel, appreciating the value of their diversity.


Design has been at the heart of Mirvac since being co-founded by an architect 45 years ago. Our strength is in the diversity and enduring quality of our designs, and our site specific responses to brief and context which produce differentiation and design excellence.

We have the ability to adapt and evolve across changing markets and locations, creating new and inventive design solutions aligned to Mirvac’s strategic goals and vision to reimagine urban life.

We embrace the opportunity to work with others in a team environment, recognising the right time to partner with external designers. We have instigated internal design reviews by inviting guest critics to stretch and inspire our design thinking. Our expertise is continually being enhanced and strengthened through research and generating knowledge networks.




We design for people. Our designs consider all scales, from the smallest room to the largest masterplan. Understanding how people will interact and live in these spaces drives our enthusiasm for creating places and communities for people to experience and enjoy.

We celebrate the spaces between our buildings as well as the buildings themselves.  The social aspect of the development is as fundamental as the physical design and the communities we create.

We have responsibility to one another and society at large to create projects that deliver lasting social benefits. As a group of individuals sharing success with all stakeholders is the foundation of our relationships, we are a culture that values one another’s contribution.

We are proud to stand up and take the lead in exploring imaginative and sustainable solutions designed for longevity and resilience. We test all of our materials to ensure integrity and durability over time allowing the buildings to continue to function efficiently and effectively.

We consider our buildings a legacy, and they are designed to be of their place, using honest and robust materials, and for future generations. 




Our buildings are liveable, and the internal planning is not compromised by external design priorities. The best architecture is where both work in harmony.

We design places that are fantastic to live in and are the greatest place to live. Efficient planning of spaces that function for their intent is pivotal to each apartment or home. Our homes are liveable. Customer satisfaction is our best reward.