The Best Design you’ll Never See – Mirvac Design’s Building Services Team

The art of great design doesn’t solely relate to striking architecture, interior design and urban planning.

Some of the most skillful and progressive decision making takes place behind the scenes, and if delivered to high standards, is rarely noticed by those who occupy the apartments, offices and mixed use offerings developed by Mirvac.

In Mirvac’s Design’s Sydney Studio, the unassumingly titled Building Services team comprises a highly skilled group of engineering and technical professionals drawn from specialty areas including hydraulics, fire, mechanical, electrical services as well as sustainability. 

Working closely with the architectural team, they trace the lines of design to ensure building services fit, ensuring that high quality standards are maintained throughout the design and delivery process. 

General Manager for Mirvac Design, Bret Crellin says, “Service systems are designed to be discreet, unassuming, cohesive and intuitive, and our Design Building Services team takes pride in knowing the work we do presents our architectural and interior design team’s designs in their best light. Our priority is to contribute to the health and well-being of the people who occupy our spaces, by providing quality features such as filtered air and water, and soft and subtle lighting design, to name just a few of the customer facing benefits ”

The Building Services team is involved in all phases of Mirvac’s projects - from feasibility through to construction, and often post-completion, working with Development, Construction and Design Management teams. This integrated conception to completion process is fortified by a truly diverse range of creative and technical skill sets.

During the design and construction phases, the Building Services team works with Mirvac Design’s Digital Project Delivery team to undertake detailed coordination workshops with external and internal design partners. These workshops are undertaken with the benefit of a digital model, which guides decision making by the project team as physical elements of combined workstreams become visible in in the planning stages of each project.

“The strength and value of our team lies is our ability to provide an interface with a range of services that are design based and others that are highly technical, providing input and guidance on relevant building service requirements, and continuity of improvements and innovation for future projects” says Crellin.

In addition to project delivery services, the team contribute towards cross-divisional technical working groups including residential smart technology, fire safety services, and digital engineering. More broadly, they also participate in industry forums and workshops, providing input on industry updates, proposed changes to regulations and codes.

By layering design with technical capabilities and digital technology, the Building Services and Digital Engineering  teams continue to add value across a range of asset classes, providing Mirvac Design with a truly progressive in house capability, and the further strengthening of Mirvac’s unique integrated business model.