Flexing Creative Muscles with The Sketch Club

The daily task for the team at Mirvac Design is to tap into creativity with a human-centric approach across the disciplines of architecture, interior, urban and graphic design – but finding inspirations to create unique design outcomes doesn’t always happen in the 9-5 workday.

For Joseph Heng, Revit Technician with Mirvac Design, sketching in his down time has always been a source of inspiration, relaxation and personal challenge, and this was the origin of what is now known as Mirvac Design’s Sketch Club.

“Sketch Club came from a collective hunger to exercise our creative muscles, and dedicate time in the week to catch up, relax and draw.” Says Joseph.

The Club started with a membership of 2 people, a couple of sketch books and a seat at a public gallery once a week. Now running for just on 18 months, the club has grown to include 7 members of the Mirvac Design team who were attracted to the idea of carving out time after work each week to flex their creative skills. It’s time that can be hard to find when lives are busy with so many competing work and life demands.

“Having a creative outlet drives inspiration on so many levels, we all find it really flows into other areas of our work – and finding that space to connect with like-minded people makes it an even more rewarding experience “ says Joseph.

The Sketch Club now transforms a meeting room in Mirvac Design’s studio into an after hours creative oasis, where members can spread out – sketching in larger formats on tables, easels, and the odd crossed leg pose with smaller sketch pads in hand – with creativity enhanced by a tradition of a little wine and cheese.

While the relaxed social gathering has a strong element of appeal for members of the Sketch Club, variety in creative styles and perspective also brings a level of healthy competition to the creative process. Everyone brings a different focus – there’s pen to paper, paint, pencil and charcoal, with realism, cartoon and anime style, and subject matter ranging from people, animals and landscape to abstract creations.

“Although many of us do have artistic backgrounds, we love the idea of welcoming other workmates in and outside of Mirvac Design of all capabilities to enjoy what has become a great little creative hub” Joseph adds.

Joseph and his colleagues have a desire to expand the Sketch Club further to include other creative talents such as photography, poetry and digital design. Some of the work created in the Sketch Club recently featured in the inaugural Mirvac Design Art Fair, which provided a platform the broader team to showcase their creative passions and hobbies through a diverse range of visual arts.

Mirvac Design wishes to thank and acknowledge the talent and creative capabilities of our Sketch Club members including:

Sarah Gan-Brown – Graduate of Architecture, Michelle Jung – Senior Graphic Designer, Daniel Viglione – Architect, Sophia Buhm – Revit Technician, Esther Liem – Graduate of Architecture, Jai Mehra – Graduate of Architecture, Joseph Heng - Revit Technician