The UP Group

Mirvac’s Up Group is a collective of young up and coming professionals who explore new concepts, ideas and share knowledge and expertise. They are passionate about innovation, design culture and professional development. The UP group regularly collaborates with one another and other divisions within Mirvac’s integrated model.


Up Group

One of the key initiatives of Up Group is DesTalks, a series of monthly discussions developed to create a design culture of unity, collaboration and innovation. DesTalks create opportunities to learn from one another and express expertise and research within the design industry.

In the past months the Up Group has hosted Richard Francis Jones in discussions about his architecture beyond 200 George, as well as a panel discussion around the future direction of Architecture and Digital Fabrication, which included panellists Iain Maxwell (supermanoeuvre and UTS), Gabriele Ulacco (AR-MA), Ray Thompson (CSR Velocity) and Mitchell Page (Artist and Computational Designer). Most recently, an interactive forum titled Big World Homes, where Dr Joanne Jakovich, co-founder of Big World Homes and Emlyn Keane, Director of Operations at Evergen discussed the future of sustainable and off-grid housing.