• Mirvac Design is about architecture which enriches people’s lives and makes a positive contribution to the community.

    With Mirvac’s broader purpose to reimagine urban life, our design team is at the forefront of realising the development of urban communities across the country through our urban design, architecture and interior design.

    Creating places for people, we encourage innovation and the creative input from the whole team, incorporating imaginative solutions that are relevant and unique, delivering value for stakeholders, present and future.

    The creativity of our people is our core asset and what defines our culture and our team. We continually nurture it, giving individuals the opportunities to excel, appreciating the value of their diversity.

    Imagination solves problems, is relevant and differentiating - it creates the value that all stakeholders are seeking. Mirvac Design is characterized by valuing creativity and innovation, with an understanding of Mirvac’s culture and goals.